Salvage Your Yard When Your System Breaks

Schedule an irrigation repair appointment in Corpus Christi & Port Aransas, TX

When your irrigation or drainage system isn't working correctly, don't delay scheduling an irrigation repair appointment. At Waterzone Irrigation, we prioritize irrigation and sprinkler repair work. We'll assess your entire system to make sure every part of it is working correctly. By leaving a broken system in place for too long, you could ruin your grass and plants.

We can also reroute your plumbing if you recently had a new pool installed. Save money by hiring us when you need irrigation repair service in Corpus Christi or Port Aransas, TX.

We'll thoroughly inspect your irrigation and drainage systems

If there are any leaks in your system, they could be driving your water bill up every month. A telltale sign of irrigation or sprinkler system issues is a spike in your water bill. If you don't see anything wrong with your systems, like water pooling or sputtering sprinkler heads, don't hesitate to schedule a sprinkler repair.

We'll inspect the areas you're concerned with and look at the rest of your system while we're at it. Rely on us to save you time and money. Call 361-585-0024 right away when you need irrigation repair service.